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Canvas Stretcher Bars and the Tensador II G+ canvas stretching machine are the principal product manufactured by ML Supplies.  Our primary focus is supplying Professional Photographers, Photo Processors and Photo Labs with quality supplies and service.

ML Supplies provides to the professional digital wide format printers and picture framing industries with stretcher bars, canvas stretching supplies and the Tensador II G+ canvas stretching machine.  We maintain product and ship from our Melbourne, FL production warehouse.

Tensador II G+ canvas stretching machine is designed and manufactured by ML Supplies.  We developed a commercial canvas stretching machine that could stretch Giclees, canvas transfers, original oils and raw canvas in either standard stretcher bars or gallery wrap stretcher bars.  Tensador II G+ makes the ability to staple to the sides and back of the stretcher bar possible.  The small foot print of the Tensador II G+ easily adapts to current plant finishing areas and conserves table space for final finishing.




Thumbnail gallery wrap stretcher bars and conventional stretcher bars are key products.  We manufacture and stock the following depths in our Melbourne, FL production warehouse.

•  5/8" Standard Stretcher Bars

          •  1" Gallery Wrap Stretcher Bars

                    •  1 1/2" Gallery Wrap Stretcher Bars

                              •  2" Gallery Wrap Stretcher Bars

                                        •  2 1/2" Gallery Wrap Stretcher Bars

We have taken care in selection of our equipment and supply sources.  Our first consideration has been quality of the product. Second, the price and performance of the product must earn the respect of our company as well as the respect of the end user.  Equipment and Supplies purchased from ML Supplies are fully supported and guaranteed by our company and the manufacturer's.  We will exchange or refund your purchase if materials do not perform as intended.  If you require a supply item we do not carry we will assist you in finding a source.

"How Do I" questions?  Please give us a call at (877)909-5240.  Supplies and techniques do change and we will make every effort to assist you.

ML Supplies manufactures gallery wrap stretcher bars and standard stretcher bars for use with Tensador II.  ML Supplies supports canvas stretching machines for Giclee, inkjet printing and inkjet supplies for professional photographers, contract framers and wholesale photo labs.

We welcome your inquires about our products either by email at jamorse@msn.com or phone (877)909-5240.